A professional security service is not an expense – it’s an investment

About Us

Security Services International is a UK based company that has been providing individually tailored protection packages to a High-end global clientele for more than 20 years.

In that period our client base has ranged from private High Net Worth individuals and families, to international Heads of State, high profile International Corporate Executives, and stars from the sports and entertainment world. This international mix of clients has led to us having operational experience in nearly 60 countries.

With most of our business being gained from recommendation and repeat business, it’s imperative that SSI maintains its high standards, and we seek to do this by only using highly trained operatives, with specialist military, police, commercial and technical backgrounds.

We always provide a discreet service that encompasses the entire spectrum of the protective role. Traditionally the security role has focused almost exclusively on safeguarding against a physical threat. However, at SSI we recognise the modern need to also maintain (protect) the privacy and confidentiality of the client, their friends and family – an aspect often overlooked by others in the service industry.

Our core values are honesty, Integrity, loyalty and a commitment to always provide the client with a level of service that reflects the respect that their status deserves.

When a client invests their trust in us, we immediately look upon it as our moral obligation to repay that investment by continually demonstrating a commitment to provide a professional service second to none.

Our Services

Vip Protection

In today’s unpredictable world, certain individuals and families can find themselves in a position of increased risk or under threat merely as a result of their wealth, status or public profile.

VIP or Executive Security is intended to protect clients from the growing concerns associated with such potential threats; at home or while on business or personal travel.

Being aware of the many aspects and principles of personal protection, Security Services International believes that a full service protection package should encompass more than just a physical presence. Understanding that lifestyle, corporate culture, family and other considerations make each client’s needs unique, we ensure our teams consist of hand-picked, emotionally-intelligent individuals who know when to step forward and when to step back. This approach ensures that all aspects of the clients’ security needs are addressed, while minimising disruption to their everyday lives.

Travel Security

Having provided support to travelling VIP’s in nearly 60 countries, SSI has the experience to offer a comprehensive travel security service that competitors will find hard to match.

This total package will also regularly include the provision of top quality drivers and vehicles along with logistical support.

Business leaders and executives are increasingly required to travel across the world in search of new markets. Many foreign countries offer great rewards in business terms, but travel through, or being temporarily based in these countries will often result in a higher degree of personal risk.

Security Services International will seek to reduce these risks by providing a full security assessment of the region to be visited, along with advice and assistance from inception through to the implementation of a sound strategy.

Likewise, a HNWI or VIP family will often be more vulnerable when away from their home environment, whether on business or during a social trip. On each assignment SSI will endeavour to remain flexible in order to tailor its methods to the clients changing needs at any given time.

Event Security

SSI has been providing both overt and covert security at many prestigious international and private events since 1990.

These events range from celebrity weddings and awards ceremonies, to supporting corporate clients at motor shows and defence exhibitions. SSI’s responsibility at such events has been varied, ranging from the protection of privacy through media restriction, to 24 hour asset protection. One corporate client even utilises us to carry out technical countermeasures (de-bugging) ahead of their international board meetings.

Residential And Estate Security

This service is often provided to clients as an extension of a VIP protection package. For clients who may have large residences and/estates, the provision of constant 24 hour guards while the client or family is in residence gives the client greater peace of mind.

While in the case properties that remain unoccupied for long periods of time, this service can act as an additional insurance policy.

Security Audits / Threat Assessments

In an age where we seek continual improvement in the workplace it is often seen as advantageous to gain an external perspective.

SSI can arrange for its personnel to carry out audits at the clients’ workplace or installation anywhere in the world.

These audits can incorporate security, health and safety, cyber, and/or environmental issues.

Contingency Planning

For those executives who have homes, dependents, business interests or are themselves based overseas, full contingency and evacuation planning is available.

SSI can also make available its specialist protection teams, who are able to relocate worldwide at short notice.

To date SSI has provided security teams on long term assignments (six months or longer) in North Africa, South America and Europe.

SSI has also provided close protection officers and security teams on short term assignments (less than six months) in nearly 60 countries.

Secure Courier / Escort Service

Due to the bond of trust formed with many of our clients, SSI has often been tasked with the carriage of valuable goods and documentation both nationally and internationally.

To date, we have been entrusted with the secure transportation of valuable items of jewellery, art works, currency and sensitive documentation.

Cyber Security

To supplement our physical presence we also work closely with experts who can advise on cyber security and the effects of a one’s digital footprint, an important consideration in modern life.

Our Cyber Security experts have extensive knowledge which has seen them critically involved in international cyber-crime investigations.


The decision to provide either executive protection or security awareness programs for employees is often taken in order to fulfil a duty of care and to safeguard shareholder interests.

Although we see ourselves as “operational”, over recent years we’ve seen increasing requests for us to provide security awareness training for corporate clients whose employees are regularly required to travel overseas in the course of their business.

Ground Transportation

Secure ground transportation is a critical part of a secure travel program and should not be overlooked, especially when visiting an overseas destination.

At Security Services International, we are able to provide high quality driver and vehicle services via our highly developed network of international contacts.

Our ground transportation service can typically provide a client with a wide choice of appropriate vehicles, and a high quality service that transports their passengers in a safe and timely manner.

All partner service providers are closely controlled to ensure they deliver according to our high standards. So whether the trip takes a client to developed or emerging markets, clients can rely on our system of ongoing evaluation to ensure their well-being.

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